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White Orchid Japanese Incense

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Each box contains 40 sticks and one ceramic incense holder. Each stick is 16cm long and has an approximate burn time of 25 minutes. Made in Japan.

Top notes: mandarin, hyacinth of water
Heart notes: white orchid, ylang-ylang, neroli
Base notes: musky vanilla, cedar

In the heart of the tropical forests, the orchid reigns, proud and wild, unfolding its immaculate corolla with a delicate perfume, imposing beauty, fascinating and fragile. Esteban's White Orchid Incense is a captivating fragrance. These Japanese style incense are created in the centuries-old tradition of craftsmen to the Imperial Court of Japan Only noble woods, plants and vegetable resins are used and then blended with the finest French fragrances.

The top notes of White Orchid are composed of a tangerine and water hyacinth accord, which gives it its apparent freshness and sweetness. Its heart notes complicate the classic aroma of the white orchid by incorporating neroli and ylang-ylang. The base notes of the Orchidée Blanche perfume further characterise it, basing its personality through touches of vanilla musks and cedar. These notes slightly alternate the sweetness of the perfume in favour of a more sustained scented atmosphere.